How to care for your hair in braids

Ladies here are the products to use when your hair is in braids, to maintain a healthy hair and keep the longevity of your braids. Healthy hair is one of priorities here at Eloquent African Hair Braiding. Taking care of your hair in braids and not braided is very important.

1. Make sure your tie your hair with a large satin scarf when going to bed. Hold your braids in one ponytail with a scrunchie, ensuring the scarf fully covers all the braids and just the ponytail hanging out. It helps your braids from less movement and friction against the pillow while sleeping.

2. It is important that you grease and moisturize your scalp. Also to promote growth make sure you take time to massage your scalp and edges with oil. You can pour your hair oil in a applicator bottle with pointed tips . It makes it easier to get to your scalp during application.

3. To maintain a clean scalp, use a clean clothe damped with a little amount of sea breeze by gently going through your scalp and softly cleaning it. You can do this process atleast every two weeks

4. You can also shampoo you hair when braided but you have to be very careful. At least once or twice a month will be recommended, the best way is to wash it in the shower. A easy way is to section your braids is four sections, slightly holding it loose with a hair scrunchie and gently using your fingers by going through your scalp softly. When done ,let it lose off the ponytails and let the water run through your hair. It very important that you do not have any residues. Make sure your hair is thoroughly clean. Then use a clean towel Gently pat dry through your hair. Do not roughly rub the towel through your hair. The best way to ensure your hair is properly dry is to let it air dry during the day. Also you can use a blow dryer on low heat but this process might take longer .