Eloquent African hair braiding where doing beauty braids and maintaining a healthy hair is our priority. We are here to provide you with top quality and long lasting braiding styles.

Braiding gives your hair a chance to increase in length and strength. Not only are braids an easy transition from damaged hair to strong healthy hair, braiding makes it easier to maintain on a daily basis.

We are here to satisfy your needs and our name speaks for itself. our team of professional stylist are here provide you with the best services in Jacksonville FL.

Free consultations are available, so it is encouraged that new customers call in or stop by to ensure their styling needs are fully satisfied


Customer service: Your satisfaction is very important to us, so we believe quality braids and having an outstanding experience are both important. Providing our clients with excellent customer service is our top priority.

Quality braids: We provide you with the best quality and lasting braids.

Hair care and edge care: We care for your hair and edges. Making sure braiding too tight is avoided in order to keep your edges intact while braiding and for ease during takeout.

Hygiene: We use barbicide to soak all combs and tools. A clean and comfortable environment while getting your hair braided is important to us.

Atmosphere: We have a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere where you’ll feel relaxed.

Warranty: We offer a 7 day warranty. If any of the braids should fall, just come back and we’ll braid it back for free.


“I’ve been a client of Eloquent African Hair Braiding since 2008. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to get me camera ready. And I love the atmosphere at the salon!”
Lisa Green
“I have been going to Eloquent African Hair Braiding for over 6 years for braids; I’d never dream of going anywhere else. The professional service and attention to detail given to their clients is second to none!”
Melanie Griffith
“This was the BEST braiding experience I have ever had! The salon is very clean, the staff are extremely professional. Every person who entered while I was there left happy (and looking spectacular). They really listen to their clients”.
Jane Sarsova