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Senegalese twist
Kinky twist
Baby doll twist
Nubian twist
Havana twist
Mali twist


Ghana cornrows
No knot cornrows
Feeding cornrows


Crochet braids
Individual braids
Box braids
Poetic braids


Dread lock retwist
Dreadlocks extentions

Style Descriptions

Crochet is a protective style that’s an alternative to sew ins and weaves. First the client hair is cornrowed using a little bit of extension added when braiding the client hair down to insure the longevity of the style. Afterwards, a latch hook is used to add the hair extension to create the desired look of crochet the client might want. Easy access to your scalp remains and promotes hair growth with less tension to scalp.

Kinky twist gives more of a natural look using either Human hair, Mali hair or synthetic Mali hair. It consists of two strands of hair merging together in a perfect spiral. This look can be achieved with synthetic hair or human hair

Micro braids are taken into smaller pieces of braids; it somewhat looks like individual braids but the technique is different. With micro braids, you can be versatile in your styling. Micro braids are used with human hair to achieve a flawless looks.

Individual braids are made up of individual braids, in a similar pattern to micro braids, to achieve this style, synthetic hair is used. You can also get the desired size and length you want with this look. They are individually braided to the root of your hair, still ensuring movement. This style lasts longer than cornrows.

Box braids are similar to individual braids but larger. The pattern is visibly shown on the scalp.

Senegalese twist also known as two strand twist or rope twist is achieved with synthetic hair. It gives a smoother and silky look than kinky twist. Senegalese can be done in different sizes from small to jumbo, curled at the ends or straight depending on the look you are going for. Senegalese twist is so easy to take out and is always a trending style.

Goddess braids is also a protective style that can be worn with less pulling and tension on the individual’s hair. Goddess braids are large braids somewhat like cornrows but braided in an inverted design to lay flat on the scalp. The ends of the braids can be worn in a bun or by simply hanging it down.

Cornrows – There are different types of cornrows such as Ghana cornrows, feeding cornrows or no knot cornrows. To achieve this look, the technique used is underhand braided. Cornrows in general can be done from a simple to stylish look. There are different sizes and designs of cornrows. They can also be braided going up in ponytail, side, or even in a Mohawk look, with cornrows you can be versatile and stylish. Cornrows can be worn with or without extensions, and worn by women, men and children.

Bob braids are usually worn short. Bob braids can be achieved with a similar look to individual or box braids. The end result includes burning at the tips to secure the hair from loosening and to ensure the shape of a bob.

Invisible braids are similar to micro braids. They are braided an inch using human hair, and braided tiny with a look that gives an illusion to be strands of hair rather than braids.